At Prepared Insurance, we see a home full of possibilities

Anything can happen. For homeowners, that can be exciting and inspiring or overwhelming and stifling. We know the ups and downs you face, so we’re always Prepared. For anything.

Prepared for Anything

We believe home insurance should be centered around you. We work hard to understand your needs and build a relationship. That personal approach allows us to offer more flexible policies so you feel confident in your coverage.

Shot of a family playing together in the kitchen at home
Sandy dunes on the sea coast.

Our story

Prepared Insurance began in 2009 in Florida with a philosophy that no home, like no challenge, was too difficult to face. Our unique data research, our expertise in construction and the Florida building codes, and our decades of claims experience led us to design custom underwriting criteria to fit any homeowner’s needs. We are built for the long run to help our policyholders minimize the disruption from life’s everyday storms.

Our Independent Agents

Our products are offered exclusively by the best independent insurance agents in Florida and Louisiana—expert agents who share our values of commitment, family, flexibility and service.