No matter what you face, you don’t have to face it alone

We stand by you from day one, because the best home insurance is the one that’s there when you need it most. We’re Prepared for whenever that may occur.

Prepared for anything

When the unexpected happens, filing an insurance claim can be the last thing you want to do. So we work with you to reduce the stress and help you get back to normal as quickly as possible. Learn more about our claims process.

Our 24-hour claims line: 877-313-1824

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Be aware of Assignment of Benefits abuse.

Unfortunately, you can still face certain risks even after you file a claim. If you sign an AOB form from a contractor, you’re handing over all of your rights under the policy. Always know what you are signing and never hesitate to call us with any questions.
To help keep you Prepared for the complexities of home insurance, here are some helpful definitions for commonly used terms.

We know some insurance terms can be confusing. Okay, a lot of them. To help you be prepared when talking to your agent or calling about a claim, check our helpful glossary of terms.

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The more you understand about how we insure your home, the better prepared you will be if you need anything. If you have questions regarding your policy, billing or claims, check out our FAQs.

Preparedness Tools

Our priority is to make sure you’re prepared for anything. This extends beyond having the right coverage. Explore these insights on natural disasters, home maintenance, household safety and more to ensure you and your home are prepared for whatever comes your way.
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